About Studio C

My Lessons:


Piano: (Beginner Through Advanced)IMG_20151020_145253530
New Age
Hymns/Contemporary Christian
Composition/Improvisation/Music Theory

Jazz/Blues (Beginner through intermediate)

I have taught over 13,000 private lessons, with a wide range of different learning styles and needs. Any of the above disciplines will be amply taught based on the desire of the student/parent. Additionally, the area in which I truly specialize as a teacher is in the field of improvisation, composition, and arranging. Most classical teachers are sorely lacking in these skills. I’ve developed an entire method of exercises and assignments which can help you be able to actually create your own music and express your artistic voice.

Recitals, Festivals, and Competitions
Studio C offers so many different fun and exciting performance opportunities every year, so there is always something going on! There are 3 studio recitals IMG_20151020_144432469a year, (spring, holiday, and the famous “Summer Movie Music” recital,) along with local community outreach performances in nursing homes and retirement facilities. That doesn’t even count the adjudicated festivals and competitions available! Whether a student is a casual hobbyist or an elite talent, there are opportunites aplenty to spread their wings and perform their music! Click the links below to learn more about some of the major festival and competition opportunities we participate in each year.

National Federation of Music Clubs
National Piano Guild Auditions
NAMTA Performance Auditions
Young Artist Achievement Awards


Adult Music Lessons
I love my grown-up students! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, Studio C can help you achieve your musical goals.

Also, just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep showing off your stuff! For our adults, we offer training and preparation for adjudicated events, just like our younger alumni. Check out these wonderful events in which you can participate, learn, and improve by preparing a program and getting feedback from a highly qualified judge.

National Federation of Music ClubsIMG_20151020_144815839
National Piano Guild Auditions
Fall Fest